You notice here, this shows new protoplasm when you look at the heart and you will lo oks including round sectors, ya?

You notice here, this shows new protoplasm when you look at the heart and you will lo oks including round sectors, ya?

I would like to begin by a discussion of your leading edge research away from Herr Teacher Doktor Tomas Landh, a great biophysicist and you will biography-materials researcher. He’s got state-of-the-art a different sort of idea predicated on strong proof one to problems greatly with latest viewpoints on mobile morph ology, specifically neuronal notice cells. Current concept escort Shreveport is founded on several-dimensional varieties of slim microtome parts of cells seen under optical or sign microscopy, and therefore states you to “the fresh cell’s membrane layer try a circular twice level of oily lipi ds which have their liophobic ends up leading inward, and liophyllic16 stops pointing outward with protein structures at the both body otherwise squeeze through the membrane layer. Tell you the first slide. 2nd slip. Doktor Landh isn’t arguing cell mode, however, even more new structural topology of the real geometry. Immediately following reviewing a huge number of blogged fotos in the histology literature to your earlier in the day thirty-five age, he or she is confident the current look at was i ncorrect.

Just what the guy performed, is not have fun with sign electron microscopy (TEM), however, researching electron microscopy (SEM) which have most special deceased-frost methods to preserve actual telephone morphology instead of planning artifacts. He then performed a mathematical topological study (MTA) to correlate hypothesis that have findings, and found you to structure, away from are circular 3-D absolutely nothing balls, ya?, had been indeed highly complicated step 3-D aggregates following a precise topological laws labeled as Occasional Restricted Skin (PMS), not t o be mistaken for people PMS, ya? ( booming laughs ) I am able to miss the details, but Doktor Landh has postulated that the real phone morphology and you can mobile continuum isn’t an arbitrary spherical setting, however, a precise crystalline aggregate from cubic-shap ed tissue whoever walls show a six-bend proportion! Traces of your Egyptian Rose out of Lifestyle balance, possibly, ya?17 In addition, this new cytoskeleton otherwise healthy protein skeleton of one’s cellphone grows during the a spiral trend, much like DNA/RNA geometry. I would like to have the n ext five glides, Dr. B. You see how the cell increases away from a-two-dimensional circle to help you a good cubic aggregate for people who incorporate the principles of topology, ya? You see and the recurring trend, including an amazingly, ya? Which cubic figure is probable influenced by practical cellu lar criteria, and you can decides the true mobile behavior.

Richard Cytowic, has been researching an unusual experience labeled as synesthesia, a condition in which one sense overlaps having other, for example “sampling tones”, “smell tints”, “tasting terms and conditions”, “impression sensations and you can feelings in brilliant colour”, including sexual orgasms (noisy laughter)

Eventually, his last phenomenal breakthrough is one, because the a materials scientist – such as the Amerikan Dr. William Tiller – he had been very always steel and you will metalloid microstructure. When he saw the new high-perspective SEM’s at reasonable solution and high-angle, he noti ced the fresh pattern resembled what point researchers name a good photonic amazingly, a good lattice build regarding atoms otherwise particles that’s sensitive to electromagnetic rays, otherwise white, ya? Therefore he realized, without a doubt! That explains the job out of Herr Doktor Popp from Switzerland (18) along with his photon phone tests. Simply put, brand new structure are morphologically establish like good PMS design you to definitely maximises their surface each device frequency to own intake of your energy. It follows, therefore, one to tissue, specifically neuronal intellectual cells, is crystalline electromagnetic transducers – simply put, they answer light, ya?19 That explains you will want to just exodermal (skin) structure, but strong endodermal tissues, and additionally (those who work in) new pineal gland, are responsive to light. Doktor Landh’s look contradicts you to definitely, and you can categorically reveals exactly how muscle try structurally and you may morphologicaly furnished in order to act as white transducers, ya? That’s the achievement of your lookup. ( status ovation and you can applause )

The modern vi ew keeps one to white photons do not apply at metabolism

Ms Dr. C: Dankershen. Thank you so much, respected acquaintances. You are aware, we would you need to be a biological black-hole! ( a great deal more laughs) Now, let me enter the next matter off my speak. If only into the lighting, delight. Thanks., Dr. B. This subject off brain research ver ges nearly towards the paraphysics, the favorite material of our own CCCP colleagues. ( cheers) A polish specialist, Dr. Record matter – how do we do this? ( so much more humor)

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